Metal Roof Installation

Have you heard of stone coated metal roofs? They’re the latest and greatest in roofing! If your house is in Rochester and needs a new roof, you’ve probably already considered getting a standard shingle roof or maybe a ribbed metal roof. But have you considered a stone coated metal roofs? Do you know what a stone coated metal roof is?

If not, don’t worry! We got you covered.

What Is A Stone Coated Metal Roof?

A stone coated metal roof is a metal roof designed to look like shingles. It takes the traditional attractive look of a shingle roof and mixes it with the durability of a steel metal roof. The best of both worlds!

Why Stone Coated?

1) They’re durable and last an incredibly long time

Stone coated metal roofs last 2 – 3 times longer than shingle roofs. You won’t have to worry about your shingles flying off in heavy wind or becoming damaged during a hailstorm. That’s particularly great in the Rochester New York area where the weather is known to be… problematic at times.

My stone coated metal roofs come with a 50 year manufacturer warranty and a 20 year installation warranty. That means that both the manufacturer and I are so confident your roof will last, we’re willing to pay if it doesn’t.

2) They’re energy efficient

Metal roofs do an excellent job of reflecting heat in the summer and insulating heat in the house in the winter. That means you’ll spend less money on heating and cooling the house. An asphalt shingle roof on the other hand, absorbs heat from the sun, requiring your AC unit to work harder in the summer. Due to this, Rochester metal roofs are especially great. Save money and pollute less over the long term with a metal roof!

3) They’re beautiful

I like to refer to stone coated metal roofs as “eye candy” because that’s really what they are. They’re gorgeous! They’re far and away the best looking roof in my opinion. Traditional ribbed metal has more of an industrial look, and isn’t as suitable for a family home in a neighborhood. Stone coated metal roofs give you the best of both worlds, durability and beauty.

4) They don’t create mess during the install

Metal roofs are installed directly over your existing roof using wooden purlins. That means there is no mess during the install process at all. No huge dumpster filled with shingles, no nails strewn around on your lawn. And best of all, you don’t have to pay for the cost of a tearoff!

On top of that, the purlin system adds serious structural integrity to your house, and insulates it further with an airgap between the old shingles and the new metal roof. Metal roofs can go over up to 3 layers of shingles, after that the shingles will need to be removed.

5) They add value to your house

Due to their durability, a stone coated metal roof will add value to your home since potential buyers won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. Not to mention, the curb appeal these roofs bring is ridiculous! I typically find people gawking even before I’m done installing the roof.

Alternative Roofing Options

There’s one thing I live by, any metal roof is better than asphalt! While I prefer the stone coated as a roofing material, I also install ribbed metal roofs. Ribbed metal roofs are great as well because they’re so durable and cheaper than stone coated. I typically recommend going with the ribbed metal roofs over the stone coated if you’re in the country or need a roof for a pole barn.

Hardwood Flooring

If you’re looking to have a hardwood floor installed or refinished in the Rochester area, we also do that! Check out our hardwood floor page for more details, or call us now for a free quote.