Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Why should you refinish your hardwood floors?

1. Over time, your hardwood floor may start to lose it’s protective finish, making it look dull or scratched. Especially if you have dogs or a heavily trafficked foyer. Not to worry! That means it’s probably just time for a dustless hardwood floor refinishing from Bob’s Protec Home Improvement. By simply applying a fresh modern finish, I can make your hardwood floors look good as new. This also makes your floors much easier to maintain by preventing dust or dirt from getting in between the cracks in the future.

2. I can also change the hue of your hardwood floors with a sanding and refinishing. Perhaps you got beautiful new cabinets and they don’t quite match your Rochester hardwood floor. Not to worry! You don’t need a whole new floor, a high quality refinishing will do the job.

3. If you’re selling your home, a gorgeous hardwood floor makes for a great first impression. Like a fresh coat of paint, a newly refinished hardwood floor makes your home much easier to sell. Wow people at the open house with a shiny clean floor that will stand the test of time.

Why choose me to refinish your floor?

I can guarantee that a hardwood floor sanding and refinishing from me will result in a clean house once the job is done. No dust particles everywhere! My equipment will automatically suck up and dust it creates, allow me to perform a clean job efficiently and effectively.

I’ve been sanding and refinishing floors for 30+ years, so you know you have someone with lot’s of experience handling the job.

For a free hardwood floor refinishing quote, give me a call! (585) 813-2719

A hallway with refinished hardwood floors by Bob